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This fascinating but chaotic kingdom, with magnificent Angkor Wat temples, the bustling capital of the ancient Khmer Kingdom, Phnom Penh, hundreds of kilometers of unspoiled beaches, the great Mekong River, exciting culture and friendly people, all these make Cambodia as one of most pupular destinations in Asia for history and culture enthusiasts.


It is not allowed to fly drones in the whole country, so do not bring drones with you.

Cambodia is a very photogenic country, from temples to historical relics, from rivers to lakes, from forests to white sand beaches.

Angkor Wat is such a massive temple that you might find it hard to visit every single corner there. So, we want to suggest some main highlight spots of the temple that could give you tons of splendid photos to add in your album.

- Angkor Wat North and South Libraries
- Path leading to Angkor Wat
- Angkor Wat Terrace of Honor
- Angkor Wat Eastern Wall
- Angkor Wat Victory Gate
- Ta Prohm Temple
- Phnom Bakheng Temple
- Angkor Wat interior

Other photography spots are Angkor Wat, Floating Village in Tonle Sap, Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Kirirom Pine Forests.

Best Places to Visit in Cambodia

  • 1 Angkor The capital of the Khmer Empire with historic treasures
  • 2 Phnom Penh The largest city of Cambodia
  • 3 Koh Ker The most remote temple destinations
  • 4 Siem Reap A gateway town to the Angkor temples
  • 5 Sihanoukville The most popular Cambodian beach resort
  • 6 Kratie Seeing the rare Irrawaddy dolphins
  • 7 Kampot The gateway to Bokor National Park
  • 8 Battambang The second most populous city
  • 9 Banlung The destination for jungle adventures
  • 10 Kep A sea-side resort for beach activities

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Useful Cambodia Travel Tips

Best time to visit

Summer is from May to October. Due to the influence of the southwest monsoon, the temperature is around 33°C. In addition to abundant rainfall, the relative humidity is as high as 90%.

November to April is the winter in Cambodia, with a relatively dry northeast monsoon, the average temperature is around 25°C ~32°C, which is the best season to travel Cambodia.

Costs to travel Cambodia

The official currence is Riel, 1 USD ≈ 4067 Riel.

The most expensive city is the capital, Phnom Penh. There are many high-end hostels and restaurants nearby.

The prices for small hotels are generally around USD 20-50. The average cost in public restaurants is USD 8-15 per person.

Bicycle rental is USD 1-2 per day.

In Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is located, a minimum of 20 US dollars per person per day can travel around.

Like most Asian countries, U.S. dollars are accepted in many places in Cambodia. Such as hotels, restaurants, entrance tickets, air tickets, boat tickets, taxis, motorcycles, souvenirs, etc.

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