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Although it is close to the Arctic Circle, it is affected by the warm current. Compared with Alaska at the same latitude, the climate here is particularly pleasant, and the topography is changeable, which makes this land so attractive.

Rich Natures

The natural scenery of Iceland is pristine and pure, and the scenery is unique here. The small island country is scattered with countless comfortable hot springs, numerous magnificent glaciers and waterfalls, gushing geysers, active volcanoes, and vast grasslands. It is undoubtedly a paradise for photographers and outdoor explorers. In summer, there is a cool breeze, full of greenery, and there is almost no night; in winter, it is covered with silver and ice for thousands of miles, and the aurora in the night sky changes colorful weigela.

Best Places to Visit in Iceland

  • 1 Hornstrandir Nature Reserve The postcard of Iceland
  • 2 Reykjavik The capital of Iceland
  • 3 Blue Lagoon The most popular tourist destination
  • 4 Golden Circle Route A must-see and known for Golden Falls
  • 5 Vatnajokull National Park Home to the largest glacier in Europe
  • 6 Jokulsarlon The best place to witness iceberg breaking
  • 7 Myvatn The best place for bird watching and photography
  • 8 Thingvellir National Park The first national park of Iceland
  • 9 Landmannalaugar Best known for its scenic hiking trails
  • 10 Husavik The best spots in Europe for whale watching

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Useful Iceland Travel Tips

Best time to visit Iceland

June to August is the best travel season in Iceland.

June to August is the peak tourist season in Iceland. It is the midsummer of Iceland and the temperature in most areas is above 10°C, which is suitable for outdoor activities. The road conditions are good everywhere, and the roads into the inland highlands and the West Fjords are relatively good.

In addition, some hiking routes, glacier lagoon cruises and other projects that are only open in summer also make Iceland more attractive in summer.

However, there are many people in the peak season, hotels, various special project tours, and cars will be fully booked in advance.

April to May, September to October are the transitional period between summer and winter, the sunshine time is shorter than that in summer, and the temperature is lower, but it basically does not affect travel. And the number of tourists has decreased greatly, so it is still suitable for travel.

November to March of the following year is the long winter time of Iceland, but it is the preferred season to explore the aurora and ice caves. However, frequent precipitation adds a lot of difficulty to travel, and many attractions are difficult to reach.

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