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Italy has countless historical cities and tourist attractions, except famous Rome, travelers are also keen on the romantic Verona, the miraculous water city of Venice, Florence and Siena under the Tuscan sun, the capital of gastronomy and football Milan, and the mysterious Sicily in the south.

There are mountains in the north and the sea in the south. Undoubtedly, Italy is a destination that satisfies any expectations of all travelers. If this is your first stop in Europe, you will love Europe from here.

Regional Overview

The shape of Italy's territory resembles a long boot, so it is dubbed the "boot country", and it is one of the most recognizable countries in the world by the shape of a map. Most travelers will focus on the northern region of Italy, where there are a series of famous tourist cities. For those who travel around Southwest Europe by car, this is also the gateway to Italy.

"Tuscany" refers to a large region in north-central Italy. The capital is located in Florence. Other main cities in the region are Pisa and Siena.

Sicily is located in the southernmost part of Italy and can be reached by boat or plane. It is also the region closest to Africa on the Italian soil.

Best Places to Visit in Italy

  • 1 Rome The capital city of Italy
  • 2 Florence The birthplace of Italian Renaissance
  • 3 Venice One of Italy’s top travel destinations
  • 4 Pompeii To see the ancient Roman world
  • 5 Amalfi Coast Great place for beach activities in Italy
Alps Landscapes
An Old Town in Sicily
Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Beautiful Countryside of Tuscany
  • 6 Cinque Terre One of top 10 most beautiful towns in Europe
  • 7 Siena Famous for Piazza del Campo
  • 8 Sicily The largest island in the Mediterranean
  • 9 Pisa Known for the Leaning Tower
  • 10 Milan One of the wealthiest cities in Europe

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Useful Italy Travel Tips

Best time to visit Italy

Italy, located in southern Europe, is suitable for travel throughout the year, and the climate is most pleasant in April and June each year.

Snow begins to fall in the northern Alps after November. Ski lovers can start to pay attention to the business hours of ski resorts. Even in winter, the central and southern regions will not be too cold.

In summer, Italy and neighboring countries enter the peak holiday season. The travel costs will increase a lot accordingly.

To things to do in Italy

  1. Have an authentic Italian western food
    Italian food is the originator of Western food. Desserts and coffee are part of the country’s proud food culture.
  2. Pilgrimage Millennium Architectures and Sculptures
    Anywhere in Italy, the street architecture and sculpture is a completely public museum, and you will be amazed by the wisdom of people thousands of years ago.
  3. Wander around the art museum
    The rice history has brought Italy's great cultural heritage, most of which are preserved in museums scattered throughout the country. From Rome to Florence and Siena, art lovers can get the greatest visual and spiritual satisfaction here.
  4. Tour Venice by gondola
    As the only city in the world without cars, when you are in Venice, you can only go out on your own feet or boats. The gondola punters will take you around the city along the vascular waterways.
  5. Mediterranean scenery of the Cinque Terre
    The Cinque Terre, known as "the most beautiful scenery on the Mediterranean coast", is very popular among travelers. Here is also a leisurely choice for walking, feeling the rich and pure Mediterranean style.
  6. Watch the fierce Serie A
    AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio... These football teams from Italy are the hottest football clubs in Europe. They have countless fans all over the world and attract a large number of fans here every year. Here, you have the opportunity to see the most gunpowder-flavored Derby in the world, as well as the prince of Rome captain Totti.
  7. Take tourist photos at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
    For the famous scenic spots in Italy, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is probably the first landmark we learned about. Here is one of the most popular spots for misplaced photos in the world. When you come to Piazza dei Miracoli, you can either take creative photos in person, or enjoy the people around you racking their brains to take more interesting photos.
  8. Pursuing the location of classic movies
    The ice cream princess Hepburn ate in "Roman Holiday" and the steps in front of the Plaza de España where she sat; the filming location of "The Beautiful Legend of Sicily" in Syracuse also entrusts the director's infinite nostalgia and love for her hometown.

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