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Last Updated: March 4, 2023

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For Travelers

May I propose adding the profile of an outstanding guide I know to We Are Guides?
Can the guides listed on We Are Guides be trusted?
How it works of We Are Guides?

For Guides

Will I be notified if any updates are made to the information on my page?
Are there any penalties I should be aware of?
Am I able to manage the comments or reviews on my page?
How to claim my listing?
How to sign in if my email is already registered?

Technical Support

What is the process for updating my profile?
What is the process for updating my portfolio?
How do I get a widget?

Listing Guidelines

What is a listing?
How to get listed on We Are Guides?
What guides can be listed on WeAreGuides?
Why my listing request was rejected?
What can I do as a traveler to correct inaccurate business information?
Guide unavailable or business closed

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