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The ancient Indians created a glorious and splendid ancient civilization. As one of the oldest ancient civilizations, India has a splendid diversity and rich cultural heritage and tourism resources.

India is also the birthplace of Buddhism, one of the three largest religions in the world. India ranks seventh in the world in terms of area. India is located in southern Asia and is the largest country in the South Asian subcontinent.


The three major religions in India are Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity.

82% of India’s residents believe in Hinduism. Hinduism was formed in the 8th century, and its predecessor was Brahmanism.

12% of India’s residents believe in Islam. Indian Muslims are predominantly Sunni. Islam has had a huge impact on the religion, society, customs, culture and art of India. The majority of Indian Muslims are distributed in India-controlled Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, West Bengal, Kerala and Bihar.

2.3% of India’s residents believe in Christianity. Kerala now has the most Christians.

Best Places to Visit in India

  • 1 Rajasthan Known as the Blue City
  • 2 Agra Home to the iconic structure known as the Taj Mahal
  • 3 Kerala A place with tropical beauty
  • 4 Varanasi One of the world’s oldest living cities
  • 5 Ellora & Ajanta Caves Famous for the caves with murals and paintings
  • 6 Delhi The capital of India
  • 7 Goa Beaches The busiest and most popular beach in India
  • 8 Ladakh The mountainous destination with spectacular landscapes
  • 9 Amritsar A holy city and a mecca for the Sikh religion
  • 10 Mysore Best known for housing the magnificent Mysore Palace

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Useful India Travel Tips

Best time to visit India

The best time is from January to September, it is not the rainy season, suitable for tourism. But winter is most suitable for visiting southeastern India, and summer is most suitable for going to the highlands to escape the heat.

5 Most Celebrated Festivals in India

Indian festivals can be said to be one of the most numerous in a country. There are not only statutory festivals, but also many religious festivals and national festivals. It can be said that festivals are held almost every day. So today we will share with you some of the most celebrated festivals in India.

  1. Diwali - Festival of Lights (November 12th, 2023) Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights or Deepavali, is held in October or November every year and lasts for a week. It is the biggest festival in India. Before the festival, every household starts cleaning and tidying up the house; the market is prosperous, people buy gifts and visit each other; the streets are crowded, because people are going out to visit, often causing traffic jams; preparing new clothes for the festival is also a must. indispensable part. Diwali also entails decorating the house with lights inside and out, preparing festive food, and fireworks.
  2. Holi - Festival of Colors (March 8th, 2023) Known as Holi, is held in February or March every year. During the festival, groups of Hindus, singing and dancing, jumping around the bonfire to celebrate the coming of spring, and splashing water on each other, sprinkle pink or red water on passersby. It is also the most favourite festival for worldwide photographers.
  3. Dussehra - Victory of the Tenth Day (October 24th, 2023) Dussehra is the most grand festival in Hinduism. There are 15 ancestor worship days in September, and the 10th day after the ancestor worship day is the Dussehra Festival, also known as the "Tenth Night Festival". Dussehra is derived from the Ramayana, one of the two most famous epics in India, to celebrate the final victory of the 10-day bloody battle between Rama and the devil. The climax of the festival is the night of the 10th day, known as "the 10th day of victory". During the festival, you can see the costumed ox carts and elephant cart teams walking and performing, one after another.
  4. Mahashivratri — Worship Lord Shiva (February 18th, 2023) The festival of Shiva is held in the middle of February, which is considered to be the wedding day of Lord Shiva and Parvati. On this day, believers have to fast and vigil, and offer flowers, fruits, and Bayeux in front of Shiva Linga for blessing. People believe that on this day, the position of the planets in the universe can easily arouse spiritual energy. Many religious practitioners use medicines Healing and yogic practices benefit, and more devout followers shout "Om Namah Shiva".
  5. Durga Puja — Victory of Durga (October 20th to 24th, 2023) A festival celebrating the powerful Goddess Durga, is the main Hindu festival in West Bengal, India, and it is also a national festival. It is held every year from the first to the tenth day of the seventh month of the Indian lunar calendar (equivalent to October of the Gregorian calendar).
    The colourful and high energy festival is celebrated by decorating huge pandals, in the middle of which a heavily decorated idol of Goddess Durga sits. The festival is marked by a lot of dancing, singing and wholesome enjoyment. Celebrations of Durga Puja in Kolkata is a can’t-miss sight, it is really a lifetime opportunity to witness a festival in the heart of its existence.