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There are many strange creatures here, more than 80% of the wild animals and plants are unique to the island, and the biodiversity is extremely rich, becoming the last home of many endangered species, so Madagascar is also called "the last Noah's Ark."

Lemurs are unique to Madagascar and are more common here. In addition, there are many unique and rare chameleons, insects, birds and tortoises.

Geology Overview

Madagascar is located in the southern hemisphere, southeast of the African continent. It is the fourth largest island in the world and the largest in Africa. It faces the African continent across the Mozambique Strait and is close to Reunion and Mauritius. The island of Madagascar was separated from the mainland hundreds of millions of years ago. The creatures on the island thrived in a relatively isolated natural environment and formed a unique wild ecosystem. People gave it a slightly sad name " Isolated island forgotten by time".

Wild World

Rare flora and fauna are Madagascar's most attractive tourist resources. More than 80 species of lemurs, baobab trees tens of meters high, and the world's largest and smallest chameleon can only be seen in Madagascar. In addition, Madagascar still retains the original landform that formed hundreds of millions of years ago and the pure beaches that were selected as the top ten in the world.

Best Places to Visit in Madagascar

  • 1 Ile Sainte Marie An ideal spots for snorkeling
  • 2 Isalo National Park Notable for is varied terrain
  • 3 Tsingy de Bemaraha Features a broad expanse of mangrove forest
  • 4 Nosy Be One of Madagascar’s premier tourist spots
  • 5 Avenue of the Baobabs To see the world's oldest Baobabs trees
  • 6 Ifaty Two fishing villages for diving and snorkeling
  • 7 Royal Hill of Ambohimanga One of the country’s most sacred spots
  • 8 Andasibe-Mantadia Home to eleven lemur species
  • 9 Masoala National Park Home to a diverse array of birds, reptiles and lemur
  • 10 Ranomafana National Park Home to the endangered golden bamboo lemur

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Useful Madagascar Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Madagascar

April to October is the dry season in Madagascar, the climate is cooler and dry,good for outdoor activities.

July to August is the peak tourist season, and there will be a large number of European tourists coming to Madagascar. At this time, hotels need to be booked in advance and prices will also increase.

November to March of the following year is the local rainy season.