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Namibia is located in southwestern Africa, with an altitude of 1000-2000 meters, arid and little rainfall, and it has the oldest Namib desert in the world. Come to Namibia, tourists can feed lions at Hanas Farm or hunt in the farm; experience the warm sunshine and gorgeous red sand dunes in Namib National Park; dance with dolphins in Walvis Bay and watch thousands of sea lions ; Observe hundreds of rare birds and animals up close in Etosha National Park.

Sossusvlei Desert - the most beautiful red desert

The Sossusvlei Desert is a world-class landscape in the Namib Desert National Park. The Namib Desert has a history of more than 100 million years and is considered to be the largest and oldest sand dunes in the world. There are huge red sand dunes rising from the ground and special star-shaped mountains. Tourists who have been to Namibia have commented that there is no more mysterious and ancient beautiful red desert in the world than the Sossusvlei Desert!

Best Places to Visit in Namibia

Swakopmund The vast Atlantic Ocean on one side and the forbidding sand on the other
Windhoek The capital of Namibia
Walvis Bay
Walvis Bay The largest port of the country

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Useful Namibia Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Namibia

July to October is the peak season in Namibia. Cool weather in winter and spring makes road trips through the desert in Namibia more comfortable. You can also see desert wildlife in Etosha National Park in the north. And it is also the great time for astrophotography.

Winter is considered the best time to visit Sossusvlei. There is no dust in the air, it is good time to see the red sand dunes and the blue sky. Go to the park at 6am to see the dunes changing colour as the sun rises, it's amazing.

The warmest period in Namibia is from November to March. On average, it reaches more than 38 degrees every day, but this time is the most cost-effective time, and there are few tourists.

During the summer months, when there is less fog and warmer nights, camping around the country is a great option. You can easily see thousands of pink flamingos and blue cranes this season.

April to June is the best season for road trips in Namibia. The hot summer temperatures are starting to cool, and the entire rainy landscape is green.