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As the most powerful country in the world, the USD has vast land and rice resources.

Home to many world famous national parks and well-known landmarks from east to west.

Overview of The USA

The eastern region is the birthplace of the United States. The long history, bustling cities and convenient transportation make the East Coast the most developed region in the United States. New York, the financial center and Washington DC, the political center, are representative of the East Coast. The west coast is the world of immigrants, and the diverse culture has given birth to California-style coastal cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, and has made Hollywood famous all over the world. The south is the "Hometown of Barbecue", and immigrants from Latin America influence the food, culture and mood of life in the south. The northern part of the United States is “shining” as a city in Chicago. The severe winter weather also makes the northern part of the country have many national parks with glaciers and snow-capped mountains.

National Parks

Most areas of the United States are vast and sparsely populated, and large natural reserves retain their original natural features.

Most popular ones are Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Grand Canyon National Park; Yosemite National Park; Yellowstone National Park; Rocky Mountain National Park; Olympic National Park; Grand Teton National Park; Mount Zion National Park, Acadia National Park, Death Valley National Park.

Best Places to Visit in The USA

  • 1 New Yord City The jewel in the crown of the USA
  • 2 Grand Canyon One of the most-visited attractions in USA
  • 3 San Francisco Known as the the Golden Gate Bridge
  • 4 Las Vegas Well-known for casinos and fancy life
  • 5 Yellowstone The world’s first and largest national park
  • 6 Chicago Best known for its towering skyscrapers
  • 7 Los Angeles The second largest city in the US
  • 8 Washington DC Home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios
  • 9 Alaska Brown Bear Watching and Aurora
  • 10 Hawaii Far off the mainland with breathtaking beauty

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Useful The USA Travel Tips

Best time to visit the USA

Because of the vast land, the best visting time depends on where you are going to travel.

West (San Francisco, Los Angeles): April-October is the best time to travel in the West. The hot summer weather is a good time to go to the sea in California.

East (New York, Washington): May-September is the best time to travel in the East. Compared to the west, the east has four distinct seasons, and summer temperatures generally exceed 30 degrees.

South (Orlando, Miami): December-May of the following year is the best time to travel in the South. The temperature in winter is comfortable and pleasant. It makes a large number of locals living in the east and north choose to take refuge in the south in winter.

North (Chicago, Detroit): June to September is the best time to travel to the North. The summer in the north is relatively short, and most of the year is shrouded in winter. Summer is peak tourist season in the north.

Alaska: May to early September is the best time to travel in Alaska. The temperature in Alaska in summer is maintained at 0-20 degrees. The major resorts and shopping malls in Alaska are also open in summer. Under the influence of the extreme day effect, there is no night in the summer. It is suitable for hiking, fishing, kayaking, and glacier viewing. The best viewing period for the aurora is from September to March of the following year.

Hawaii: Good for visiting throughout the year. The year is divided into two seasons: dry (May-October) and wet (November-April).

Saipan, Guam (Northern Mariana Islands region): December to June of the following year is the best time for local travel. With superior marine resources and a unique island climate, it is suitable for sheltering from the cold in winter.

Top things shouldn't be missed

#1 Return to nature in the national parks
There are more than 50 national parks in the United States. The breathtaking natural beauty and the rich variety of wild animals make visiting a national park the best experience in the United States. The grandeur of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, the rareness of Yellowstone National Park, the quietness of Yosemite National Park, the glacier world of Mount Rainier National Park, whether driving or hiking, experience an aerobic journey back to nature in North America is an unforgetable experience.

#2 A self-driving trip on the West Coast
California Highway One connects San Francisco and Los Angeles. The long and narrow coastal road coupled with the beautiful scenery of mountains and sea, makes it a self-driving mecca for tourists from all over the world.

#3 Enjoy the nightlife of Las Vegas
The city of Las Vegas perfectly interprets Americans' understanding of "freedom". When the light first come on, the city wakes up quietly. There are countless casinos, bars, and all kinds of SHOW that make people look dazzling.

#4 Visit a university
Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, these well-known universities are all originated in the United States. These well-known universities generally have a history of more than a hundred years. If you have the opportunity to visit one of these "Ivy League" colleges, take a slow walk and feel the scholarly culture of top universities in many ancient campuses.

#5 Watch a live NBA game
The National Basketball Association is the world's top professional basketball league. It must be the wish of many fans to come to the United States to watch an NBA live game. The NBA generally has games from October to June of the following year.

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